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Last Updated: 2017-12-09

Broken Plates Productions was designed around 2007 by Nick Drudge.
It was meant to be the studio for any videos or games led by me. A site was created not too long after, using Joomla. It hosted several games to play at school, as most game websites were blocked, and some articles such as video game hints and stories. In about 2010 or 2011, the site was redone in WordPress, and hosted my Creatura Elettrica webcomic as well as my backstory. After several more remakes with little if any content, it was abandoned.

For the longest time I've wanted to have a hand written html website like the ones you would find in the late 90s. I've always liked the idea of the free 30MB hosting that used to be all the rage. I've done several basic HTML sites before, sometimes hosted on a laptop, sometimes hidden on sister sites. For 2017, I wanted to use the basically dead Broken Plates Productions website to host a terrible 90s HTML website. Everything is done in Notepad++ (okay arguably cheating, but it's essentially what could be comparable to an early HTML IDE), and meant to work with Chrome/Chromium. Besides an analytics script, and a lack of iframes (since they like to break in modern tab based browsers), this website will be made only with HTML, no CSS, no PHP, no SQL, no Ruby, no nothing. Straight HTML.

UPDATE: I finally broke down and added PHP. It really almost is used in place of iFrames. Basically the homepage is just a template made out of just HTML that houses all of the buttons and other things, and then a PHP script that looks at the URL and loads the corresponding HTML file into the content part of the template. PHP was originally mostly meant for making templates, and I'm using it for that. This allows me to focus more on the content, and enable more "complex" site design and layout to be done in the future, without having to redo every individual page.

by Nick Drudge

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